At, we secure business results faster by cascading strategic initiatives in an efficient way. We do this while making work fun, social and engaging

why challengera?

90% of strategies fail due to poor execution
*Kaplan, Harvard, 2006

Key to improve strategy execution is an engaged workforce. But 87% of all employees are not fully engaged
*Gallup, 2012

At, we help companies cascade their initiatives in a way that makes work fun, social and engaging

From large corporations to SMEs, strategic initiatives are being implemented – all the way, every day.

Thanks to, business results are being secured faster

success stories

Success Stories

  • Target: +1600 employees
  • Spread: Globally
  • Focus: Core values

To communicate Core Values is, for any company, essential. DGS, a global business unit of GE healthcare had the ambition to engage all of its 1600+ employees around their Core Values. The outcome envisioned was to make the core values come alive, for real. A series of challenges later,  employees have demonstrated what these values mean for them individually and in their daily work life. The internal viral effect generated by the initiative led to the sharing of best practices which until now had been kept hidden in the silos of local operations. The stretch goals around engagement and knowledge sharing for these challenges were reached and even surpassed.

"Our project at DGS was clear: to engage our employees on our culture, to put our values into practice… with concrete examples given by our employees across the world, to link our people together, to share best practices, to engage discussions around our values & to recognize best practices. We were looking for an impactful & business-connected tool. We found it in Thanks to the team for a great success!"

- Catherine B. Global Employee Engagement Leader, HR-DGS GE Healthcare


  • Target: +100 employees
  • Spread: Globally
  • Focus: Capital tied up

Atlas Copco had the ambitious target of reducing the capital tied up. Using, the leaders in the organization got their message across in an engaging way. All of the sudden, global teams – who did not know each others previously and who were lacking the big picture of the cost impact of stocks – were working together across local organizations and borders. Local teams not only shared best practices globally but also got to compete against each others as to whom will reduce inventories the most and the fastest. A healthy global competition drives the right behaviors and results in the company.

"We were looking for a solution to engage our people in the process of reducing inventories. With, we are already now seeing positive signals and look forward to the results in the end of the year"

- Anders B., Divisional Supply Chain Manager

  • Target: +300 employees
  • Spread: Locally
  • Focus: CSR

Corporate Responsibility is not the next big thing – it is already a big deal for many companies. Yet, to make everyone appreciate the CSR concept and its implications in everyday business decisions is a well-described challenge. The 5 Absolut commitments were translated into engaging online activities so everyone could interact around them. The initiative was also about testing people’s knowledge of what Absolut had been doing/is doing in that area so as to be able to spot where extra efforts are to be made.

"Corporate Social Responsibility has always been and will always be a focus area for The Absolut Company. So for TAC, to communicate around the topic is critical. gave us the means to communicate and to activate our employees in an engaging way."

- Elin W., Sr. Manager Corporate Communications of TAC

Why it works

The manager/leader

  • cascade an initiative in a powerful and consistent way – all, in a couple of clicks
  • create accountability in the organization

The employee

  • personally rewarding as it drives internal recognition
  • 'doing what is asked of me' becomes fun & engaging

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