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Get people onboard

To get your employees to execute on the important (the initiative, the strategy, the project, the follow-up) you need – if only momentarily – their full attention and full commitment. But cutting through the organization’s own noise and complexity can be tricky. Activate your audience not by adding more noise but by making your important internal initiative engaging, timely and accessible.

Motivate action & create stickiness

When it comes to successful execution, activating people only gets you so far. Ultimately, you need a sustained engagement. You need ‘stickiness’. Our solution allows you to incentivize the behaviors you are after by putting the employee at the center. By taping into the ‘What’s In It For Me’ we secure the commitment of your employees. Making the journey personally rewarding leads to faster execution.

Measure and Analyze

What gets measured gets done. Our platform provides real-time analytics on the Spread, Speed, Engagement and ultimately Success of your internal initiatives. With quantitative and qualitative data available via a comprehensive and user-friendly dashboard you can now monitor progress, intervene ‘if/when and where’ needed and measure the concrete outcome of your initiatives.

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Challengera Blog

It's Time to Democratize Change Management

There was a time – not so long ago – when the need for Change in our organizations only came every now and then. The truth is that one could see it (the Change) coming, one could adapt to it, one had the time to tweak one’s model to remain competitive. Read more

Challengera Blog

A European leader in the pulp and paper industry launches ‘recognition’ with

A European leader in the pulp and paper industry pursues its internal transformation together with After a successful initial phase which brought together a globally spread workforce in one virtual environment, this global player now deploys challengera’s latest product: ‘Recognition’. Read more

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